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Adding Non-Faculty Accounts

These instructions are for Faculty Profile Managers to use in creating accounts for non-faculty employees that need access to Faculty Profile. Do not create accounts for faculty members. Faculty accounts are created automatically by OIT when new faculty contracts are processed.

  1. Log into Faculty Profile (
  2. Select Users and Security under the Tools tab on the top menu bar.
  3. Search the system to verify that the user does not already have an account by entering their Net ID in the Username field and selecting Search.
  4. If user is not found, click on the ADD A NEW USER button.
  5. Fill in the required information fields:
    1. BYU is not using the field Middle Name/Initial for middle names, so this field can be used for other purposes. Enter the new user’s Department/Unit into this field.
    2. Enter the new user’s Net ID into the Username field.
    3. Leave PersonID blank (it is used only for automatically-generated user accounts).
    4. In the Authentication field, select Shibboleth Authentication.
  6. IMPORTANT: UNCHECK the Yes box to indicate that this person is NOT a faculty member who will need to track their own faculty activities in this system. (The Primary College and Department Fields will be removed once this box is unchecked; they are NOT needed for non-faculty accounts.)
  7. Expand the College or Department Roles by clicking on the + sign and select the needed security roles for this individual within your college or department. (See Security Role Descriptions.)
  8. Select Save at the bottom of the form.