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Running Admin Reports

The University has prepared dozens of report templates that should meet most needs for extracting data from Faculty Profile. These reports are typically printed in MS Word or PDF format, but select reports also offer the option to format the report in Microsoft Excel.

You can run admin reports from two locations:

Run Reports (for individuals or groups of people if you have administrative access)

  1. Open Faculty Profile:
  2. Select Reports front the top menu bar.
  3. Step 1: Choose the report you wish to run. (To download a report template that shows how the report you selected will be built, select Download this report's template located under the report name.)
  4. Step 2: Enter the Date Range of the report.
  5. Step 3: Faculty Profile's default behavior is to include all enabled user accounts in a report. If you would like to limit your report to include only selected users, select Change Selection to open the “Individuals or groups to include” page in a pop-up window. If colleges, departments, and individual users are selected, these options function with "and" logic, so the report will include all selections made.NOTE: You will only be able to access the data of faculty members allowed by your current security access. To be included in reports, the department listed on each faculty member's most recent Yearly BYU Personnel Information must match a unit to which you have security access. It does not matter which unit(s) the faculty member was previously; the only data that matters for inclusion in reports is the most recent Yearly BYU Personnel Information
  6. Step 4: Select your preferred file format: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, HTML, and for select reports Microsoft Excel.
  7. Step 5: Select your preferred page size: US Letter and A4.
  8. Review your selections and select Run Report
  9. Faculty Profile will build your report, and you will be prompted to either open it or save it locally.

Rapid Reports (for one individual)

  1. Open Faculty Profile:
  2. To run a report on your own activities, click the Rapid Reports button (righthand top of the screen when Activities is selected).
  3. If you want to run a report for another individual, first choose Manage Data on the top menu bar and locate the person in the drop-down menu. Click Continue. Go to Rapid Reports (righthand button at the top of the screen when Activities is selected).
  4. Choose the desired report and report parameters.

Note: Custom report templates can be modified to meet BYU's needs. Please contact your Faculty Profile College Liaison to make requests.

For personal assistance with running reports, contact the Faculty Profile Helpdesk.