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Tips and Shortcuts

Using Summary Screens

When you click on a screen, the first screen you'll see is a tabular view of all the records you have stored in that screen (there may be more than one page of records). You can customize this screen, filter and sort records, and even compare and merge records from this screen. Here are the instructions.

Duplicating Records

Sometimes it is easier to copy a record on the summary page of a Faculty Profile screen rather than start a new record from scratch. To duplicate any record, check box to the right of the item you would like to duplicate on any summary screen. Then click on the Duplicate button at the top of the screen.

Expanding Text Boxes

When you need to enter a large amount of text, it is helpful to expand the text box. Where this is possible, click the icon with opposing arrows (when you hover over it , it says Fullscreen). Click the icon a second time to shrink the text field.

Importing Publications from Other Systems

You can import your publications from either a BibTeX file or from various online sources. See instructions.

Opening Two or More Windows/Tabs

Faculty Profile allows you to open and work in two or more windows or tabs at the same time. This is very helpful for viewing more information side by side. You can also use this technique to facilitate transferring data from one place to another. Use the tools in your web browser/mouse/trackpad/keyboard to open an additional window or tab.

PasteBoard (make copy and paste easier)

PasteBoard is a time-saving feature. It allows you to copy text from another document, such as a vita in Microsoft Word, and paste it into the PasteBoard. After you have pasted text into the PasteBoard, you can then select text from it and then either copy it or click-and-hold on the text you selected and drag it into a field in your profile.

To access the PasteBoard, click the PasteBoard button in upper right-hand corner of any screen. The PasteBoard will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and can be dragged anywhere on the screen as needed. Any text in the PasteBoard upon logging out will remain in the PasteBoard for future sessions.

Rapid Reports

While you are managing your activities, Rapid Reports provides you with quick easy access to the reports you can run from Faculty Profile for yourself or the person's data you are managing. The button Rapid Reports will appear on the top right-hand portion of the screen when you are in Activities).


Google Toolbar and Yahoo Toolbar are two applications that have spell-check. These applications work with all of the websites you use, including Faculty Profile. They even allow you to use the words you add to your custom dictionary with all sites you visit. Most modern browsers also have settings or preferences which enable the browser to check your spelling as you type across all web applications.