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College Liaisons

Faculty Profile Liaison: The associate dean over faculty development (University Faculty Development Council member) is designated as the liaison for their college. This individual works in conjunction with chairs to advise faculty on subject matter questions (e.g., how to categorize a particular activity). They also collect suggestions to improve Faculty Profile from faculty and administrators within their college. These suggestions are forwarded to the campus Faculty Profile policy committee (AAVP-Faculty Development, UFDC associate deans, and the Faculty Center).

Faculty Profile Manager: The person authorized to view and make changes to the security access for people in the college.

College or Division Faculty Profile Liaison Faculty Profile Manager
Counseling and Career Center

Steve Smith


Steve Smith



Tina Taylor


Karen Strange


Engineering and Technology

Tim McClain


Maddie Hunt


Family, Home and Social Sciences

Laura Walker


Michael Bridenbaugh


Fine Arts and Communications

Amy Jensen


Rebecca Ott


Harold B. Lee Library

Jeff Belliston


Jeff Belliston



Corry Cropper


Shasta Hamilton


Law School

Justin Collings ​


Justin Collings ​


Kory Staheli


Life Sciences

Eric Jellen


Cindy Tolman


Marriott School

Bonnie Anderson


Laura Muhlestein



Beth Luthy


Cherie Top


Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Bryan Morse


Michelle Prososki


Religious Education

J.B. Haws


Lori Soza