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Administrative FAQ

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    Where can I find faculty vita for faculty in my department?
    Faculty are responsible for uploading their vitas on the Personal and Contact Information screen in Faculty Profile. Administrators can download any vita from the same screen.

    1. Log into Faculty Profile.
    2. Choose Manage Data and find the faculty member.
    3. Go to the Personal and Contact Information screen.
    4. Section I is where the vita is located, if it has been uploaded. Click on the Help button (?) if you need help downloading it.
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    How do we share the annual activity reports and other data in Faculty Profile with members of the department evaluation committee?
    You have two options:

    1. (Recommended) Use the Run Reports option on the top menu bar to run the Annual Activity Report. This generates a file containing the annual reports for all the faculty in your department. You can then share this file with the evaluation committee.
    2. Ask the Faculty Profile Manager in your college to give the committee members Department Read-Only security access to the faculty in the department so they have access to the Faculty Profile records of all department members in that department. This access will also allow them to generate the Annual Activity Reports for faculty in the department.
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    How can I view who has been granted security access in my college/department? How do I change the security access for someone in my college/department?
    Each college has one designated Faculty Profile Manager. This is the only person authorized to view and make changes to the security access for people in the college. Please contact the Faculty Profile Manager in your college to request any information or changes.