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Publications & Creative Works Categories

Distinguishing the Categories Used in Faculty Profile

There are two screens in Faculty Profile where faculty may enter peer-reviewed scholarly work: (1) Publications and (2) Creative Works. In general, faculty should enter work in the Publications screen if the work was published in some fashion. Creative Works are generally not published work but are performances, exhibitions, and productions.

In some cases, it may be difficult to decide which screen to use. There are a few categories found on both screens, for example: music compositions and screenplays. To use these examples, published music compositions and published screenplays would go in Publications, whereas music compositions or screenplays that were performed or produced would go into Creative Works.

The dean’s offices of the respective colleges have the ultimate responsibility for how faculty in their colleges categorize publications, and they can help faculty make difficult decisions.

Below are some of the categories that appear on both the Publications and Creative Works screens. Note the distinction between what goes on each screen.


Put here if it is part of a publication

Creative Works

Put here if it is performed, exhibited, or produced
Broadcast Media

Broadcast News Documentary

Broadcast News Package

Creative Contribution

Typically a non-text creative work that is included in a publication (i.e., book illustrations, photography, photos of artwork, etc.)



Studio Art, 2D

Studio Art, 3D

Screenplay Film, Screenplay
Music Composition Music, Composition
Play Script Theatre, Play Script


Any published contribution that does not fit into any of the other categories.


Any contribution that is performed, exhibited, or produced that does not fit into any of the other categories.