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Faculty Profile Overview

Why Faculty Profile at BYU?

Faculty Profile is an online database system where BYU faculty record their professional activities. Faculty Profile allows faculty to report their activities on an annual basis as part of the Annual Stewardship Interview process. It is also used to run yearly or historical reports at the individual, department, college, and university levels. This information is often required for discipline-specific and university accreditation reviews.

Who is in Faculty Profile?

  • Anyone with a faculty contract (full-time or adjunct) in a traditional academic department
  • Admin & Staff may have administrative accounts to provide support to faculty

Who manages Faculty Profile at BYU?

Policy decisions regarding what should be included in Faculty Profile screens and reports are made by the University Faculty Development Council (UFDC) chaired by the AAVP-Faculty. Suggestions for improvements to Faculty Profile should be routed through the Faculty Profile college liaison, the associate dean who is a member of the UFDC. See the College Liaison list. For further assistance, contact Jane Birch (2-4008) at the Faculty Center.

Who has access to this data?

Administrators and staff members at the department, college, and university levels have access on a need-to-access basis.

Who uses Faculty Profile and what are their responsibilities?


  • Annually enter information about their Scholarship (research and creative activities), Teaching (mentoring and advising), and Citizenship (service) activities.
  • Report on the previous years's faculty development goals and enter goals for the new year.
  • Complete the Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time screen.
  • Validate completeness of Annual Activity Report prior to submission for the Annual Stewardship Interview.

Department Chairs

  • Communicate due date for Annual Activity reporting by faculty, including completion of Annual Stewardship Interviews.
  • Advise faculty on subject matter questions (e.g., how to classify a particular kind of faculty activity).
  • Run Annual Activity Reports for all department faculty.
  • Conduct Annual Stewardship Interview with all department faculty.
  • Run other reports for faculty and departments in their college.


  • Establish and communicate college requirements for Faculty Profile usage, including due dates for departments to complete the Annual Stewardship Interviews.
  • Oversee/manage the "Funding (College Entered)" screen for all the faculty in the college.
  • Run reports for faculty and departments in the college.

Associate Deans (Faculty Profile liaisons)

  • In conjunction with chairs, advises faculty on subject matter questions.
  • Responsible for reviewing faculty scholarship expectations and the peer-review status of publications/creative works.
  • Collects suggestions from college faculty and administrators for improving Faculty Profile and forwards this information to the campus Faculty Profile policy committee.

University Administrators

  • Run university-wide reports
  • Assign security roles to university-level administrative staff and to new deans, associate deans, and chairs.
  • Grant rights for administrative access for individuals with joint appointments.

Who designed the software used by Faculty Profile?

Faculty Profile is BYU's name for a commercial product we license called Digital Measures, which is owned by Watermark. According to them, this product is used by more than 60% of the 500 largest US campuses of higher education.

BYU has been using this Digital Measure product since 2010 (before that, BYU was using a home-grown system which was also named "Faculty Profile").