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Faculty Overview

Faculty Profile enables faculty to report their activities on an annual basis as part of the Annual Stewardship Interview process. It is also used to run yearly or historical reports, at the individual, department, college, and university levels. This information is often required for discipline-specific and university accreditation reviews.

These are some of the primary faculty uses for Faculty Profile:

  • Regularly enter information about Scholarship (research and creative activities), Teaching (mentoring and advising), and Citizenship (service) activities.
  • Prepare for the Annual Stewardship Interview.
  • Report on progress of goals set for the past year and enter faculty development goals for the new year
  • Complete the Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Committment form.
  • Validate completeness of Annual Activity Report prior to submission.

All CFS and CFS-track faculty at BYU are required to use Faculty Profile. Effective use of Faculty Profile can save faculty time and effort over the long run by making it easier to gather and report on data for Rank & Status and other purposes. The key to using the program is simple: be consistent, accurate, and complete.