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Updating Records

What is expected of BYU faculty?

Minimum requirement: Record all your professional activities needed for the Annual Faculty Stewardship Interview in Faculty Profile by the deadline set by the college.

Optional (if not required by your college or department): Record other activities in Faculty Profile to use for the Rank & Status process or for your vita or other reports in the future.

Keys to success: Be consistent, accurate, and complete

  1. As a way to collect the data you’ll enter into Faculty Profile, create a simple system for storing data before entering them into Faculty Profile (a simple physical or digital folder is great).
  2. Every time you do some professional activity, put a note about it into the folder. Include at least as much information as needed in Faculty Profile (titles, dates, people involved, citations, etc.).
  3. Have a system in place to remind yourself to enter all your most recent activities into Faculty Profile at some regular interval (at a minimum, once a year).
  4. Make sure the data are complete before the annual stewardship interview.

What if I’m not sure which screen to use in Faculty Profile?

When you click on the name of a screen, you’ll go to the “summary screen” for that area. Typically, there is some red text at the top of the summary screen which describes the type of activities which should be recorded on that screen. You can also find information about each screen here: Faculty Profile Screens.

If you have questions, contact your chair or Faculty Profile College Liaison.