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Faculty Profile Managers

Faculty Profile Managers

Each College has one Faculty Profile Manager. This person is responsible for:

  1. Managing security roles for the entire college (giving and removing security access to faculty accounts in the college).
  2. Providing support to college administrators.

Managing Security Roles

Access to records in Faculty Profile is managed via the following Security Roles:

  • College Administrator (View and edit all faculty in the college)
  • College Read-Only (View faculty in the college)
  • Department Administrator (View and edit all faculty in the department)
  • Department Read-Only (View all faculty in the department)
  • Individual (View and edit another individual faculty member)
  • Faculty (View and edit your own faculty records)

The Faculty Profile Manager in each college is responsible for establishing and maintaining all of the security roles in the college EXCEPT for the “Faculty” security role (this role is assigned to faculty by the university when their accounts are created). Managing security roles typically involves:

  • Assigning and removing roles to college and department faculty administrators when they are appointed and then step-down from administrative positions.
  • Assigning security roles to non-faculty administrative and staff employees who require access to Faculty Profile for various reasons.